Head Auctioneer

From conducting a first sale way back in April 1997 I've lost count of the number of times I've picked up the gavel and hammered away lot 1 ... Starting in the world of Collectible & Antique Toys with the World's leading auction house in that discipline; the world of Classic Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia beckoned more than a decade ago, something I always had a passion for.

Since then It's been a privilege - on behalf of many vendors - to achieve various world record prices. It's also been great fun to auction well known vehicles with either a celebrity or previous Film/TV background.
Whether you are a potential buyer or seller, I look forward to welcoming you to the drama of the saleroom very soon.

Tel: 07931 659652

Email: julian@manorparkclassics.com


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1982 Y-Reg Talbot Horizon 1.3 LS Red with beige trim I will be amazed if anyone else learned to drive in one of these and passed ... took me 2 attempts! The gearbox was like stirring porridge and you had no idea which gear you would find next, but they were all in there somewhere ... Just checked on "how many left" only 1 known survivor which is declared sorn, probably just as well !!

5-year old 1979 T-Reg Vauxhall Viva 1.3 GLS Metallic Green with black Vinyl Roof and 29k on the clock. Cost £1295. Within a week of buying this I had added those essential period extras of Clarion Stereo Radio Cassette (first play was the Eurythmics "Love is a Stranger") and white painted tyre wall lettering ... I wish I still had that car now. LFM 849T if anyone has her tucked away somewhere?

I'm a little greedy as I currently own 4 FTO's including 2 rare GX Autos of which there are only 9 left on the road in the UK. Almost as rare as the Talbot Horizon! Pick of the crop is a 1995 GPX MiVec which I stumbled across last year after she had been slumbering in a heated garage for 16 years.

There have been so many great cars that I've let go over the years, this is a tough one ... however I will choose a 1980 Peugeot 604 STi 5-speed Manual with factory optional twin exhausts in a lovely crystal green metallic. I remember this one very fondly. HDC 778V was quite simply an amazing piece of kit for the time. I bought this one in 1988 for £130 after I had sold my Mark 1 Granada Ghia (another I should have kept), ran her for 2 years then put the engine in a Renault 30 TX, kept the gearbox and scrapped the rest. Many of my weekends back in the day involved scouring local scrapyards for parts for my constantly changing kaleidoscope of cars (anyone else remember filling their pockets full of spark plugs, condensers and anything else that may come in handy, while pretending to look for an alternator?). I remember constantly looking for part worn 390mm TRX tyres for the 604, as new ones cost more than the car!

Hmmmm? Probably something from America. Either a '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS or maybe a '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1?? Something from 1969 anyway! However I would rather have a diesel ... I'm going to cheat here and go for a 1974 International Transtar II Tractor Unit with a Detriot Diesel 8V92 Sleeper Cab and air ride suspension, even though it's not a car and not from 1969. An early to mid 1970's LWB twin-rear wheel Tranny Van modded & lowered with a big engine in it and converted into a camper van also wouldn't go amiss.

My Mam tells a story that the first words I uttered in this world were "Ford Cortina" and I used to reel off the names of not just cars but vans, buses, wagons (trucks or lorries to many of you, but always wagons to me) long before I could construct proper sentences. I've always been interested in road, rail & air transport in general. When I joined the library all the books I borrowed were transport related from the adult section, none of that Enid Blyton rubbish for me! I think the interest just happened organically from within and has never left me.

At last an easy question, as there's really only one answer? The man himself, Steve McQueen. Mr Cool. No need for any other explanation.