Motorcycle Specialist

My first job was working at Coors light brewery in Warrington where I spent 3 years blending and fermenting beers, alcopops and was involved in the bottling and kegging process. However, since I was a child, I was always fascinated by Snipers and soldiering in general and decided to pursue a career in the Armed forces in my early 20s. After serving most of my adult life in the armed forces and conduction operations in Iraq and Afghanistan I decided it was time to leave. 

I then started my own Classic motorcycle company which was great following a passion and being around these beautiful motorcycles daily.

I’m now enjoying my time at Manor Park Classics and my passion for motorcycles stems back as long as I can remember.

Tel: 07512 323474

Email: jimmy@manorparkclassics.com


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Back in 1989 I rode my fathers Yamaha RD250LC Bounty and loved it, although the 250 is only a small bike it felt huge at the time. I owned various motocross and road bikes through my childhood and teenage years, and eventually passed my test at 17 on a Honda CB500.

I don’t do favourites in case the others find out! I currently own a 2015 Kawasaki ZX10R track bike, Suzuki RGV250SP and Honda NSR250SP Rothmans

To own - 1999 Yamaha R7, to ride Ducati Desmosedici RR

Seeing my dad ride off to work, or fly off with friends on weekend ride outs.

I’m torn with this question. I love two particular superbike riders for their courage, riding skills, commitment and continuously contributing to the motorcycle community. Valentino Rossi & Guy Martin.