Sales Director

I sold my first car in 1977, on my dad's pitch, I was 12, it was an Austin A40 and I got paid in Kit Kat's, I got the bug. Maybe the best commission I ever earnt!

Fast forward 45 years and I have been around cars all my life working at all levels from junior salesman up to head of business and everything in between. I have been very blessed to have worked with all the top brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati, and a lot of classic and specialist cars as well along the way. I have been very lucky to have been exposed to some great people and learnt so much from them, both from manufactures and some "old school" characters.

I have an unshakable love of anything with an engine, cars, motorbikes, boats, they all excite me and cost me lots of money. To be involved with Manor park is possibly the pinnacle of my career as I can indulge my passion of all things mechanical and meet some very interesting people along the way and keep learning.

Tel: 0161 697 5223

Email: james@manorparkclassics.com


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The first car I learnt to drive in was a wagon on Otterspool tip in South Liverpool, now it is the site of the Garden Festival , on the road it was a Rover 2000 TC, reg. no. SKU 106J, I wonder where that car is now?

The first car I owned was a Triumph Spitfire 1300 MK4, reg. no. PXJ 476J in red with white alloys and a white roof, what a car, my parents bought it to get me off motorbikes, it didn't work.

The cars I own at the moment are a Mercedes CLK 320 AMG, BMW M Sport Convertible, and a Mercedes 250 SLK AMG.

The favourite cars that I owned where a 1971 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and a 1989 Toyota Hi-Lux Pickup, long story, I did what Top Gear couldn't, I broke it.

My dream car is a Mercedes CLK Black Edition.

My Dad got me interested in cars, I was brought up around them all my life and my Mum was a member of Liverpool Motor Club and used to race at Aintree back in the day, apparently when I came along, she had to stop racing, I don't think she ever forgave me for that. One of my earliest memories is watching my Dad hand paint a MK2 Jaguar Mustard as it was his favourite colour, it was Maroon before and perfectly fine, it wasnt when he had finished it.

My favourite person dead or alive is without question James Hunt, I was so lucky to have a coffee with him once in an airport in Italy on our way home from the Italian Grand Prix, I paid, such a charming, warm, and interesting man who had time to sit and talk to me and my pals. Whoever says never meet your hero's is wrong, one of the best days of my life.