I’ve spent over 40 years as a Documentary Cameraman for Granada Television based in Manchester. My interests are both 2/4wheels with a great collection of Singer Bicycles. The interest in photography has always been a large part of my life as my father had a cine camera which l grew up around.

My credits include 30 years on World In Action and the UP Series from 1977 to 2019. I have a BAFTA for 42UP; A fellowship from the Royal Television Society for a 'Significant Contribution to Television'. 

My interest in classic cars goes back almost 50 years and I still own a 1937 Singer Sports Nine.

Tel: 07789 632111



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Aston DB 2/4 1952/3

My late father GEORGE Jesse Turner. He owned a 1937 Singer 9 Sports in the late 40s which is still in the family, I’ve owned it since the mid-70s. Since restoration being completed in 1982, I’ve driven over 15,000 miles and next year will be part of a Singer Car Club Rally to Jersey

Trevor Wilkinson TVR. From the very beginning in 1947 making some truly great looking cars, my first TVR  being 1967 Vixen reg LTD 111F. Would love to own it again!